Periods from Selected Forecast Sources

Display specific portions of a forecast, from various forecast sources. This illustrates the use of the forecast search list extension.

Open WeatherMap

No data for OWM

UK Met Office

15-Apr-2021 10:00 5.0°C
15-Apr-2021 13:00 7.0°C
15-Apr-2021 16:00 7.0°C
15-Apr-2021 19:00 6.0°C
15-Apr-2021 22:00 4.0°C
16-Apr-2021 01:00 2.0°C

Issued at 15-Apr-2021 07:00 for 354123

Weather Underground

15-Apr-2021 19:00 0.0°C Few Clouds
16-Apr-2021 07:00 10.6°C Scattered
16-Apr-2021 19:00 -0.6°C Scattered
17-Apr-2021 07:00 11.7°C Few Clouds
17-Apr-2021 19:00 2.2°C Mostly Cloudy
18-Apr-2021 07:00 13.3°C Mostly Cloudy

Issued at 15-Apr-2021 08:00 for geocode=51.786,-0.759

US National Weather Service

No data for NWS